December 23, 2010

Will Who Won’t – a homeless black veteran by geo geller

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Will Who Wont – a homeless black veteran by geo geller

PRE-Preface: Food for thought/imagination – Will Who Won’t – a story of a black homeless veteran named Will, who won’t give up; there is a little bit of Will Who Won’t in all of us too. It might appear to some to be little strange for a white American man to do a documentary on a black revolutionary who is also homeless and a veteran: but, keep an open mind, maybe I listen with a different ear – I once saw a jewish issue documentary by an Indian and American born jew and was impressed at the story they told was not the story a jew would tell for sure and maybe there just might be more to this then meets the eye – maybe, with your help, Wlll can tell Will Who Won’t story – and with that be forewarned, Will is an equal opportunity insulter so be prepared to be insulted if not out right offended and charmed at the same time – he has his “beliefs” his “truths” – Before you react and judge WIll… walk in his shoes, listen to what he is saying and even more to what he is not saying. People who knew Will in Los Angeles called him, the Barrel Inspector, because he has looked down the barrel of more guns pointed at him then most can imagine: also keep in mind that Will is a man who has nothing to lose and somewhere in there is something to say about what he is saying and why too, and maybe in all of this there is some little truths and nugget to learn about the world as he and many black people live and perceive it! — Will calls himself a New Age Warrior and is on a mission to re-invent America and the world too

quote excerpted from Motherless CHild and Train Songs and little bit of how we met and too – Will Who Won’t, quote excerpted “…for some reason these young people have little to no passion. ok, I guess that’s why they want to fuck everything. ok.. they can’t feel… its like they gotta metal coating or cover of something on that won’t allow reality to pass through it – i mean, like what they do is shallow, empty, devoid of anything substantive….” you can hear more of WIll and my conversations below and you can reach me or Will geo@WillWhoWont.com as well as to purchase Will Who Won’t Train Songs (downloadable MP3) or to support my or Will work please contact me – Please check out other Docs in Progress Giving Birth To Myself – a Harlem Midwife Story http://GivingBirthToMyself.comFran Dent – I can do anything but failAndy Dixon – ex-con with convictions

if you resonate with this and would like to help Will or myself or be on mailing list or want to support us in anyway and if you want to buy Will Who Won’t Train songs (downloadable MP3) or want to hire or not hire Will to speak his mind or just to be put on a Will Who Won’t email list or follow him on twitter.com/willwhowont or me twitter.com/geogeller please contact me, geo geller, geo@WillWhoWont.com

Will Who Won’t sings Motherless Child
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Will Won’t Train Song from his CD availblable in downloadable MP3 for sale too
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click title below to hear Will Who Won’t and sometimes me

Will Who Won’t – in conversation about everything from what’s a nigger and beyond

Will Who Won’t – sings from his CD of songs he sells on the train

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